Ski & Snowboard Tuning and Repair

Full Tune - $40
Skis or Snowboard
Includes one base weld, P-tex base repair, belt grinding, edge sharpening, ironed-in wax. Hammered, rocked-out skis are gonna cost you more...

Additional Base Welds - $5 each

Stone Grinding - $10
Skis only
Stone grinding flattens and adds texture to your ski. Grinding is recommended for skis that have lost flatness or need the edge bevel reset. It's also a good idea when transitioning from very cold conditions to warm spring skiing. However, every stone grind removes a layer of ski base material, which thins it and shortens the life of your ski. Talk to us and we'll help you assess your needs.

Sharpen & Wax - $25
Skis or Snowboard
Includes belt grinding, edge sharpening, ironed-in wax

Ski Wax - $10
Ironed-in wax to optimize glide and speed

Snowboard Wax - $15
Ironed-in wax to optimize glide and speed