Summer Hatches in Full Swing

The Gallatin canyon continues to fish well with golden stone dries and stimi's. Full blown caddis up and down the river with a mixed bag of pmd's in the late morning and some salmon flies later in the day. Watch for drake's and yellow sallies as well, lot's and lot's of sallies. That being said, the day's of running the banks are going to be limited.  Expect to find fish in all water types, shallow fast to deeper, heavier runs.

What to fish with:


#14-18 soft hackle pheasant tails.

Trout Crack...(bead head soft hackle peacock)#14

#14-18 Orvis lightning bug

#14-18 BH yellow sally's and Trina's PMD's

#12-16 BH Prince

#14-18 Tan and olive Sparkle Pupa

#16-18 olive shop vac


#10-12 Rogue Golden Stone

#12-16 Royal Stimi's AND......YELLOW STIMI's

#14-16 Tan X-Caddis and elk hair caddis