June 10: Time to fly fish!!

OK!!  Here we go folks, we've had some really good fishing on the Upper Madison and on the Gallatin through the high water season, not to mention the Lower Madison.  While the snow pack melts away, we're going to see the river's drop fairly quickly making for excellent conditions all around. 

Gallatin River

Look for concentrated fish along the banks.  The pocket water along the edges will be loaded with with fish!  

#8-12 rubber leg stone's in dark brown, black and orange

#12-16 classics....pheasant tail's, lightning bugs, trout crack, aka prince, grizzly bugger's and san juan's

#8-12 Golden stone nymphs and salmon fly nymphs as well as a host of smaller stone fly nymphs, copper johns, yellow sally's and prince nymphs.

#8-10 black wooly bugger's

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