GoogleAugust hopper's and spruce moth's

The Gallatin River is fishing well with size 12-14 Spruce Moth pattern's in the morning through the afternoon in the Canyon.  This is some of the best dry fly fishing we have this time of year.  No telling how long this bloom will last but it has certainly been one of the biggest bloom's in recent memory.  We're also seeing lot's of 12-16 size yellow and tan hopper's and too many ant's to mention.  Try fishing royal body stimi's and trude's size 14-18 in the evening and 16-18 rusty spinner's.  Size 16-18 elk hair caddis(tan) and 14-16 Klinkhammer's both rusty and grey.  Streamer fishing should pick up on Gallatin in the coming week's. Try size 6-8 olive sculpin's and copper zonker's  in the deeper, heavier run's in the afternoon's and slower deeper flat's and tail-out's in the morning.

Nymphing with size 14-18 softhackle lightning bug's and pheasant tail's, size 8 Knotty girl's and and a good mixed bag of size 18 beatis pattern's will produce solid fishing throughout the day.