June 18

Gallatin River

The Gallatin has shaped up nicely through the high water season.  We're catching fish on a variety of patterns along the bank's and in the bigger, deeper  hole's in the canyon and through the upper stretches to the park boundary.    

What to fish with:  Size 8 - 12   rubber leg golden stones and salmon fly nymphs                                                          Size 8 Knotty Girls

                              Size 12 - 16 soft hackle pheasant tail's and trout crack 

                              Don't forget a variety of san juan worm's, pink, red and wine colored.  

                              Size 10 Black Woolly Bugger's and Grizzly Bugger's are usually a sure bet to                               move some bigger fish in the river as well as the Yuk Bug when the river is a                                 little dirtier than usual.

Look for the Gallatin to green up during the afternoons and into the evening for some fun "bank jigging"......

Upper Madison

 Reynolds Pass down through MacAtee Bridge has seen some truly great streamer fishing mixed with solid nymphing along the banks.  Fish with Black Woolly Bugger's and a variety of stone fly nymphs and rubber legs size 4 - 10.   Size 6 Copper Zonker's and size 4 Miracle Mile Sculpin are a sure bet to move some bigger trout.  


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