Back in Shape

The creeks along the Gallatin have quit spewing mud, and the reminents of the plug is making its way through the canyon.  There are a plethora of bugs on the water right now, including caddis, yellow sallies, golden stones, and gray drakes.  The river clarity is still slightly less than perfect, but don't let the color scare you away. Green is good, and the nymph fishing was phenominal today.  We expect the dry fly fishing to be on fire as soon as this evening.

The Browns were hungry on the Gallatin today!

The river being blown reminded how great the tributaries around Big Sky can fish this time of year.  It's the same story up there as it was on the main river before the mud came: there are tons of different bugs all over the water, the fish can see them, and they're eating them all.  Though smaller, the fish in these streams are even more apt to strike dries.  We've been getting great results from tying on attractor patterns (Stimis, Adams, etc.) with an assortment of droppers (Copper John, Prince, Pheasant Tail, etc.).