Golden Stones

The Gallatin has really shaped up through the salmon fly hatch.  Fishing with Salmon flies has been excellent the past week or so, but with golden stones a fly, the last days of June will mark the end of Salmon flies on the Gallatin and the start of many summer hatches including sallies, pmd's, drakes and (in your face, literally), caddis, lots of caddis.  Stone flies will still bring nice trout up.  Try a variety of classic beadhead nymphs including pheasant tails, princes, lightning bugs, pmd's and sallies in the shallow fast riffles and even girdle bugs and stone fly nymphs in the deeper runs and boulder pocket's.  For dries, the rogue golden, size 8 and 10 will continue to be staple on top, mixed with size 12, 14, and 16 olive and yellow stimi's, olive and tan caddis in the evenings.