Big Bugs, Coming Right Up!

The highly anticipated Salmon Fly hatch has reached Gallatin Canyon...sort of.  We've had a few good days of fishing big bugs on the surface, but this cold snap has definitely slowed things down.  You'll see adults flying around sparatically throughout the canyon and fish are looking up, but I'll stop short of saying "it's on".  

An adult Salmon Fly in Gallatin Canyon

All nay-saying aside, some fish are looking up and if you're hellbent on fishing dries, chucking big dry Salmon Fly and Golden Stone patterns into the soft water near shore structure can be productive.   We've been having great success dropping caddis imitations (Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail, Crack, AKA Prince, Soft Hackle Lightning Bug, etc.) off the back of our big bugs.  

The dropping water levels has made nymphing around off-shore structure increasingly successful, and this is stil the best way to fish if you're looking to land the most fish in the least amount of time, in the least amount of space. Our most effective rigs consist of different combinations of our favorite stone fly and caddis nymphs.