The Gallatin is Green!

The water level on the Gallatin has been declining steadily for the past two days, and with that has come a great improvement in water clarity. The fish are taking this opportunity to eat just about anything that's ugly and in front of them. We're still finding fish consolidated around obviously large structres in the river, as well as in the soft pockets along the banks. Remember, if it looks like you can stand in it, you should probably be fishing it!

Even though clarity has improved, the river does still have some opaque qualities to it. This means it's a good idea to fish flies that you know they can see. As far as nymphing goes, we've had great results with Grizzly Buggers, San Juan Worms, Knotty Girls, and various golden stone patterns. 

Some of our guides have been tossing dry golden stone and salmon fly patterns and getting mixed results. The fish know they're coming, but they aren't quite ready to fully commit yet.  We're just as anxious as you are to start chuckin' big bugs, so check back with us for the most current buzz on what's crawling around in Gallatin Canyon!


Big bugs are on the way!