Winter fishing is hot!

Winter fishing on the Gallatin has the potential to be awesome, and it has been.  Afternoons are the most productive time to fish, and the warmer the day, the better.  If you come across a pod of risers on a warm day, it can be worth your while to try throwing your favorite midge to 'em. 

We're catching most of our fish on seasonal staples, though.  It's time to bust out the winter nymphs: girdle bugs, stones, worms, eggs and a proper assortment of bead head patterns.  Fish are feeding in relatively slow-moving, deep buckets and long tail-outs.  Make sure to use plenty of weight and keep your rig tight. 

You'll need to have the right patterns to have a good day of fishing this time of year, but you also need to remember to dress properly.  Even if it feels mild outside, the river is still COLD.  Layer up like you're going skiing, you'll be happy you did.     


The Admiral says: "It's football season!"