WJ Introduction

This is the first post from my old blog about nature. I live in SW Montana and am outside in some capacity every day. When you’re outside in SW Montana, you pretty much can’t avoid nature. This works out great for me, because I love simply walking around and observing the natural world around me. Today, as I was taking a morning walk and mentally noting the latest natural happenings, the thought occurred to me that I should blog about it. So here we are.

One thing I am particularly interested in is the timing of things. My family and I love to note the firsts of the season: first robin, first butterfly, first flower, etc. Now that I know that monitoring the timing of natural events is actually an important scientific effort (phenology), I sure wish we had actually recorded our observations over the years. (Believe it or not, amateur nature watchers are becoming increasingly instrumental in phenological efforts and in some cases, can contribute significant data supporting concepts like climate change. More on that later.) So, anyway, this will be a place where I will keep track of some of those observations. Hope you enjoy it!