Waiting for Robins

As I let the dogs out this morning, I thought I saw a robin silhouetted against the gray morning sky. No way! It’s time! But…no. As it retreated, the distinctive white spot on its rump indicated it was only a flicker. Darn.

I was disappointed, but also excited. It’s not just time for the robins to return; it’s time for me to start waiting for them. We’ve had such an incredibly wintery winter that it almost didn’t even occur to me that it’s April. I’m usually tuned in to looking out for the daily spring arrivals halfway into March. Instead, I’ve been watching weather reports and looking out for more powder! It’s been fun, but after two days of major snowmelt - and a rather slushy ski day yesterday - I’m switching gears.

This morning was not only a reminder that spring will inevitably come back, but it was a reminder that despite the mud, it’s possibly my favorite time of year. And also a reminder that I like to pay attention and note what I’m seeing. So, I’ll give the ol’ blog another go and see if I sustain it beyond, well, who knows…