Today is a wonderful day. After two bluebird ski days we arrived back home to be greeted by the first butterfly of the spring. A happy (I presume) Milbert’s Tortoiseshell was flitting along the driveway’s edge. I tried to get a picture but scared it off up the hill. The sun retreated too, which grounded the little guy.

Seeing the first butterfly, which is almost always the Milbert, got me thinking about spring butterfly appearance. I’ve always wondered why on occasional warm days in March or so, sometimes you see a butterfly. Did you know that some butterflies hibernate? When it gets warm enough, they will emerge, only to hunker down when it gets cold again. That’s why you see the random butterfly before winter has fully lost its grip.

Despite the scientific explanation, I still like to think of butterflies as visitors from the Thin Space. As Dr. Elizabeth Kübler-Ross said, “Death is simply a shedding of the physical body like the butterfly shedding its cocoon.” Angels. I like it.