And ladies and gentlemen, we have robins!

Two nights ago I arrived home to the noisy chatter of robins in the trees above our house. And this morning, letting the critters out early - and chasing them chasing the elk - I heard them again. Not just chattering, but one even singing a little. It was a hilarious sound. Like he had forgotten the tune. Not the relentlessly random and endless string of notes you hear from a more experienced bird - one that’s been singing most of the spring. But broken bits of song. Fits and starts. I may be making up the possibility that a robin wouldn’t sing all winter and then would have be out of practice each spring. But it’s a fun thought.

Also noticed: heard red-winged blackbirds in the wetland a few days ago. A juvenile bald eagle with a small clump of nesting material. Note the mottled appearance of the not-yet-bald juvy.